Have any questions or concerns about what to expect when bringing your pet to Pawsitive Natural Pet Resort?

See below for our most frequently asked questions.

Do I need to bring my dog on a leash?

     Yes. Leash laws apply in the facility as well. We require all dogs to be securely leashed, harnessed or in a secure carrier in store and the      parking lot as well as in the store.

Which vaccines are my pet required to have?

     To maintain a pawsitive environment we require all pets to be vaccinated in full before being accepted for service. Vaccines must have      been administered at a minimum of 48 hours prior to the visit. All pets must be up to date on Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP (Distemper)

How long will my grooming appointment take? Can I leave my dog there until the end of the day?

     Grooming times vary from each type of service you are receiving.  Grooming is typically a drop off and pick up service and appointments      run no longer than 4 hours.

     Daycare and grooming coordination is available for clients that have completed the daycare assessment.

How do you groom senior dogs or dogs with pre-existing injuries?  How do they get on the table? Can you help me take them to the car?

     Our tables can be lowered to ground level and have various safety attachments available to keep your pet comfortable.  We have ramp style      tubs to avoid the need of lifting and jumping.  Yes, we can certainly help you take them to the car. They will be safely transported out of the      facility in a secure mobile crate.

My dog is aggressive can they be groomed?

     Using the pawsitive approach we take our time to have your dog get acquainted with the environment. If needed, we can groom them      during a quiet time. Techniques catered to challenging behavior and safety measures are always followed.

Why can’t I get my double coated breed shaved down?

     Dogs that have double coats require the top coat to lay flat against their undercoat to be able to properly maintain their internal      temperature.  Shaving their coat can severely damage the coat and cause irregular growth which can lead to skin conditions, excessive      shedding and challenges with body temperature regulation.

     If for any reason you have a double coated breed that has pre-existing conditions and needs to be shaved for health reasons we are happy      to do so provided a professional diagnosis from your veterinarian.

     Double coated breeds that have heavy matting may be shaved after being examined by one of the groomers.

     Please contact us for any information regarding your concerns with shedding. Our facility is equipped to deal with the furriest of friends      and we are more than able to accommodate your grooming needs.

Do you groom cats?

     Cat grooming coming soon!  We are currently working to make cat grooming available.

What are the requirements for daycare?

     All pets must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age and up to date on vaccinations.There is an initial behavior assessment that is held      prior to your pet being accepted into the daycare program.  Pets must be comfortable with other dogs.

What are the benefits of daycare?

     Daycare provides a safe and fun environment for your dog while keeping them fit.  You never need to worry about what your dog is doing      alone at home or have any concerns about them ingesting anything harmful at a dog park or getting dirty on those rainy days.  They’ll get      plenty of exercise along with love and snuggles from our trained daycare attendants.

Are you able to feed my dog if needed?

     Yes.  Please bring along their meals for the day. We provide a quiet area for them to eat, drink and rest after their meal.

Do you use crates? Would there be a time when my dog will be crated?

     Home style crates are available for feeding, resting and boarding. We also use secure carriers for transportation.  Use of crates are         mandatory while boarding or transporting. If your pet seems overly tired they may be given a rest in one. Mobility challenged pets can be      brought out to your vehicle safely in a crate.